netGujarati’s GPade and ActiveX

netGujarati by Nilesh D Bandhiya


Welcome back to netGujarati !

netGujarati’s ActiveX – BasicGujarati and iGujarati both are updated. Both have useful properties like Text, BackColor, ForeColor, FontSize etc. The most useful is Text property. You can copy the text and can paste any where. It  have more facility which can help you to create Gujarati Application with Visual Basic 6.0.

ActiveX Name : BG.ocx
Who can use it : Who have experience of typing in Gujarati such as Tera font or LMG font, they can use BasicGujarati. Because it have custom style of wring in Gujarati. For example if you wish to write “રામ” using BasicGujarati – BG.ocx then you should type “zfd” with English Keyboard.

ActiveX Name : iG.ocx
Who can use it : iGujarati can be used by any programmer who has not knowledge of writing Gujarati in custom style. They can use iGujarati because it has Transliteration style. For example, if you wish to write “રામ” using iGujarati then you should type “raam” or “rAm” with English Keyboard. It will convert to Gujarati Unicode “રામ”.

Download netGujarati’s ActiveX
You can get more help, when you download the netGujarti ActiveX. Help will provide you keyboard guide for BasicGujarati and iGujarati.


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